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To Marc

Our memories of Donna go back…BM…Before Marc. We got to know her through our relationship with her mother and father; Gladys and Lyle. It was a shared love of horses that first brought Donna and me together and planted the seed of friendship that just grew over the years.

Donna was a spectacular horsewoman. Slight in build though she was, Donna could throw a saddle atop a horse and swing hay bails around like they were made of air. Horses were Donna’s second nature. She simply became one with them when around them or riding them.

It seems like only yesterday (but actually more like 44 years or thereabouts), Donna sparkled when telling me about this great looking guy with a winning smile, who was coming into the office where she worked. She was so excited when he asked her out. No surprise, that cool dude was Marc. Before we knew it, they were in love and Marc invited her to move to Ft. Collins, which she did, and not long thereafter she and Marc married.

One glitch in the move to Fort Collins was that the place she was moving would not accept pets. Donna knew I loved her Westie, Frodo, and she asked if I would take him. Sadly, “T”, didn’t think the idea was as exciting as I did. But fear not. “T” was serving as a Deacon at Rockland Church where Donna’s father, Lyle, was pastor. Lyle walks into a Deacon’s meeting with Frodo in tow all fresh and clean from the groomers. He says to “T”, in front of everyone, won’t you just take him home for a trial? The rest is history. Don’t you know Lyle and Donna got a chuckle out of planning that. We have since had three Westies and, Donna, the consummate dog lover, graduated to giant schnauzers.

Although Donna’s moving to Fort Collins from Denver cut into the time we got to spend together, it didn’t cut into or diminish the nature of our friendship. Whenever we got together it was like old times and I always loved that about her…also loved the way she giggled and laughed and her sneeze was so soft I would tease her that it could not have brought her any relief.

One thing that made both of us happy is that Marc and “T” became good buddies. One of their bonding adventures was an annual hunting trip. “T” was used to roughing it. That was not the Middel’s style. Marc would take a motor home and trailer horses for them. Oh the stories they could tell…General, one of Marc’s horses, ruled. Donna, who was a great cook, would prepare and package full hearty meals for them. “T”, who was used to my sending him off with bologna and bread, would regale me with how Donna spoiled them and he loved it.

Obviously, you cannot have memories of Donna without thinking, too, of Marc and Matt. When Donna and Marc first married and she told me she and Marc were going to be working together. I thought not a good idea. How wrong I was. Donna and Marc overcame all odds…their marriage not only survived the two of them working together, but both the business and the marriage flourished because of their incredible partnership. I was equally surprised when Donna told us that she and Matt were into shooting and guns. Not the typical mother son bonding experience. But Donna, as always, was her own person.

And that person was filled with love. She poured that love out on Marc and Matt and most everyone she knew. They say what goes around comes around and so it was for Donna. Marc, in Donna’s last few years, poured that love and caring back to Donna. He supported her, cared for her like few people can do. No doubt about it, Marc, a man of honor, honored his vows to love Donna in sickness and in health. God bless you Marc and thank you. You gave Donna so much and so much of yourself.

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