Donna Middel

Daughter, Wife, Mother and Grandmother

Donna was a woman that when you met her, you remembered her forever. She wasn't shy, but always respectful. She wasn't weak, but always tender. She was strong, but always submissive to Christ.


Donna will have a memorial service on

| February 17th, 2022 | 11 AM |

The service will be held in Fort Collins at Mom and Dad's Church

(First Presbyterian Church of Fort Collins)

531 South College Ave, Fort Collins CO 80524

The service will be Live-Streamed (Link above)


She was The Best

Mom taught what she lived. She never asked anyone to do anything that she wouldn't do herself. She lived by a code, a code that was Christ Centered and revolved around her family, her friends, her Church and she was always focused on Christ.  

In the Words of The Bishop of Carthage in 250AD:

"Many of our people are dying in this plague, that is, many of our people are being liberated

from the world. How many times has it been revealed also to me, the least and last of men,

how frequently and plainly has the instruction been given by almighty God, that I should give

continual witness and proclaim to all that our brothers should not be mourned, when they

have been liberated from the world at the Lord’s summons, since we know that they have not

been sent away but sent ahead, that as they depart they are leading the way; they should not

be lamented but missed as people who are setting out on a journey or voyage are generally

missed, nor should we put on black garb here when they have already taken up white clothing

there, and the opportunity should not be given to the heathen to rebuke us justly and

deservedly, because we say that they are living with God, yet morn them as if they were dead

and lost forever, and fail to prove by testimony of our heart and mind the faith we express in


Though mom didn't die of a plague, the sentiment the bishop writes about should help us to all understand that the loss of our life or that of our loved ones should not be lamented, but celebrated in the passing from bondage and sin into liberation to be with Christ, for he prepared a room for Mom and she is at Peace in the Best of Places.

Donna the goof


"for some reason, Donna and I just Clicked"

Donna and I were married for over 4 decades. We shared a bond that will last through eternity...and I miss her.

Memorial Candle

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There are few times in a person's life where you meet someone you are as close to as your own family. Donna and I had that friendship. She walked with me through so many difficult times in my life, lifting me up and helping me to praise God all the way through. I did the same for and with her. 

The life that I lead today is because Donna and I were sisters. She loved me, and I loved her. I will miss my sister until I meet her again in Heaven. 

It was a blessing spending so much time with Donna, I watched her love her family and friends. I know she sees her family from Heaven in ways that are indescribable.

Mary Garcia

Image by Alicia Quan